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About Asia

Hello and welcome!

My name is Asia Moore and I own K-9 Super Heroes Dog Whispering.

I created Knows to Nose as an additional service for my dog loving clients because I wanted to find a way to help alleviate canine behavioral problems and the inevitable frustration, stress and heartache that comes along with having the wrong dog for your lifestyle.

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When you choose a canine companion that is more closely compatible with your energy, living situation and lifestyle you can avoid all of the many behavioral problems that can create so much stress for both human and dog.

Unfortunately, too many people choose their canine fur friends based on pressure from their children, a spontaneous whim, looks, a cute expression, size, fur color or past childhood memories that have nothing to do with who they are as a person, their age, or what type of life they may be now leading.

Not only does choosing the wrong dog create many behavioral problems, some of which can lead to lawsuits, choosing the wrong dog often ends up contributing to the problem of already overflowing SPCA and rescue facilities.

I have many years experience training dogs and helping people reverse unwanted behavioral problems by teaching basic dog psychology so that even a mismatched dog can live in relative harmony with their humans.

However, wouldn’t it be even better if you could choose correctly in the first place and never have to be faced with problems somewhere down the road?

While it is my belief that every dog lover can greatly benefit and improve their canine relationship by learning some basic dog psychology, it has become my goal to help many humans choose wisely when deciding to share their lives with a fur friend, and I believe that my Knows to Nose Human to Canine Matchmaking Consultation service can do that for you and your family.

"There are no bad dogs — only misunderstood ones".

Let Me Help You "Know" How to Choose The Right Dog "Nose" For You!

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