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Human + Canine Matchmaking Consultation

Discover How a Little Time Spent Now Can Avoid Many Unhappy Complications, Problems and Frustrations that Can Occur Should You Choose the Wrong Dog!

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Starting the Interview Process

Welcome! Asia here. We humans spend endless hours and often go to untold expense to find the right significant other human to share our lives with (matchmaking services, blind dates, parties, bar scenes, clubs, work, vacations, hobbies), yet when we think about sharing our lives with a canine friend, we often do so based on a spur of the moment whim or simply because we like the color of the dog’s fur.

When you want to have the best relationship with your canine companion, you really owe it to yourself, your family and your neighbors, not to mention the chosen dog, to carefully consider many factors before making your decision to bring a dog into your life.

I’ve been helping train humans and rehabilitate dogs that have developed behavioral issues for over 40 years and during this time dog whispering and teaching the basics of dog psychology to my human clients, I’ve found that many humans are seriously mismatched with their chosen canine friend.

When humans are mismatched with a dog, all sorts of problems begin to escalate that have far reaching and highly stressful consequences, often with the dog ending up behind bars at the local SPCA or rescue facility and the human feeling the pain of having abandoned a dog they were once committed to loving and caring for.

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What types of problems can arise when the human is mismatched with the dog?

There are many and the following are just a few of the more common ones, including:

  • Aggression toward people
  • Aggression toward dogs
  • Aggression toward other animals or wildlife
  • Growling and barking at other dogs
  • Growling and barking at people​
  • Biting or nipping children or adults​
  • Fighting, biting or harming other dogs or animals​
  • Killing other dogs or animals
  • Neighbors who hate you
  • Friends or family who won’t visit you anymore
  • Being unwelcome at family gatherings
  • Being unwelcome at the dog park
  • Your dog has to wear a muzzle in public​
  • Separation anxiety, fearfulness, stress
  • Having your dog re-homed
  • Having your dog put down

For those who don’t give up on a mismatched situation, often their only recourse is to spend a lot more than $100 to hire someone like me, to help alleviate out of control behavioral problems.

Of course, this does not remove the mismatch between the particular dog and the human — rather, it teaches the human that they must change how they are and not be their true self around their dog if they want the dog to be happy and to discontinue the dangerous or unwanted behavior.​

Also, even if the canine behavioral problems can be alleviated (as most can), because the nature of the human side of the equation still remains out of sync with what the particular dog needs, many humans are simply unable to change their energy level or personality enough to do what is necessary to help keep their mismatched dog under control.​

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Those who don’t re-home their mismatched dog and don’t hire me to teach them dog psychology are left to simply spend the life of their dog avoiding contact with other people or a lifetime of embarrassment and apologizing for their dog’s questionable behavior that could even escalate into a lawsuit.

All of this can be avoided and you can have a wonderful, loving and joyful relationship with your dog when you understand how to choose the right canine companion for your particular personality, lifestyle and energy level.

For the cost of a nice dinner for two, you can hire me to be your Human + Canine Consultant and based on the answers you provide in my highly focused questionnaire, I will produce a specialized report for you that will help to match the right fur friend with your unique circumstances.

Learn what dog is best matched with you.​

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