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What a Cute Puppy!

beagle puppy sitting on a basket

Adorable Beagle Puppy

Who can resist those cute Beagle puppy eyes?

This puppy won’t get too big and could easily fit into an apartment and it won’t cost too much to feed.

The kids have been asking for a puppy for a while now and they might be old enough to take on this responsibility.

While these are valid considerations, before deciding that a Beagle puppy or hybrid mix should be your newest family member, perhaps you should know that Beagles are hunting hounds that grow into stubborn adults who have a VERY strong sense of smell, are into all manner of garbage, ignore you and howl when they get on a scent, dig holes in your garden, climb fences to escape and easily gain weight because they need far more daily exercise than the average family has time for.

A smaller dog they may be, however, if you think that leaving a small hunting hound all by his or herself, locked inside for hours, while you are out at work or gone shopping at the local store should be no problem, this is what you might come home to:

Many humans choose the wrong dog for their lifestyle and energy and end up creating a problem for themselves and the chosen dog.

Before you make the wrong choice for yourself and your family, consider hire me to produce a Knows To Nose matchmaking consultation for you and give yourself and your chosen dog the best opportunity to have a long and happy relationship together.

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