Knows to Nose

Human to Canine

Matchmaking Consultation

Helping You Choose the Right Dog!

A new matchmaking service for humans that will help you to understand which dog is the right fit for you and your family.

The above picture shows a human and dog sitting nose to nose, implying that you need to first "know" how to choose the right dog "nose" so that you can enjoy the close "nose to nose" type of relationship we all desire to have with our canine companions.

Who Am I?

"I’ve been helping train humans and rehabilitate dogs that have developed behavioral issues for over 40 years and during this time dog whispering and teaching the basics of dog psychology to my human clients, I’ve found that many humans are seriously mismatched with their chosen canine friend."


dog paw

My in-depth consultation service utilizes a detailed set of inquiries in conjunction with my past 40 years of experience so that I can provide you with a customized report that will indicate what canine fur friend would be the best choice for you and your family.

pappion dog
labrador retriever dog

Receiving expert help before you bring that special dog into your life can make the difference between creating a frustrating, embarrassing or even dangerous situation, that may force you to give up your canine friend, versus enjoying a loving and happy relationship that lasts for many years.

dog paw
dog paw

My customized matchmaking consultation service is designed to help you enjoy the best relationship with your canine companion … for life!

golden doodle dog


"Asia helped us as a family of first-time dog owners. She did a solid and thorough job of interviewing us initially to understand what our concerns and habits were so we could get our new dog Lucy..."

Kelly & Derek ~ Victoria

"I just wanted to thank you again for our consult today. You really are amazing with dogs. Tim and I learned so much from you, it’s really neat to see the difference it makes when you have the right dog to match your energy..."

Morgan & Tim ~ Victoria

"It was incredible learning true dog psychology. I love Asia's loyalty to her clients and always being there for you when you need her help. Asia is AMAZING at what she does. She TRULY knows her stuff!"

Sandra & Scott ~ Victoria

Let Me Help You "Know" How to Choose The Right Dog "Nose" Match For You!

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